Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pondscum Wars II

We’re saved! Once again fulfilling it’s remit to provide a collective response to issues too big for individual countries to handle, the EU has locked onto the vital issue of….video games. Yes, indeed. The European Commissioner for 'Justice, Freedom and Security' (motto: ‘pick any two’) Franco Frattini has decided urgent action must be taken to suppress ‘obscene’ video games (for the children, natch). And what constitutes an obscene video game ? Well, as far as I can tell, the definition reads something like ‘anything Franco doesn’t like’

Doncha’ just luv it ? It’s another example of how the ‘baby boomers’ have not only become their parents, they’ve actually turned out far worse. Granddad is right: back in the day they did have standards – as in objective measures of whether or not something was obscene. Now we’ve got flatulent Eurotrash lounging round their publicly-funded offices trying to use the law to crush anything which doesn’t meet with their approval.

Liberals often posture as defenders of artistic freedom in the face of ruthless capitalism, well, now we have the worst of both worlds: the artistic freedom of a multi-billion pound industry being crushed for no better reason than that a degenerate exemplar of our new aristocracy has taken against the industry. Somehow, I see him losing a lot of votes over this…but wait: he doesn’t need to bother with the whole ‘votes’ thing. In common with the rest of The EU pond scum, he doesn’t need to bother with actual voters. Instead, he’ll continue to use his position to try and push through repressive legislation insulated from any kind of accountability at all. Now, that’s obscene.

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