Friday, November 17, 2006

Official: No Alligators In Sewers

Good news ladies: you can now drink 26 Bacardi and cokes free from the worry that you might be exposed to some kind of mind-altering substance. There’s no evidence of vast phalanxes of perverts stalking women, ruffies in hand. It turns out that most of the women who think they’ve been exposed to date-rape drugs have actually just been blitzed out of their minds. We’re still waiting on the official word on whether too long on the sunbed can fry your internal organs.

You know, you could keep a whole blog going just covering cases of Leftists breathlessly reporting stuff their granny could have told them. Let's sum up today's lesson: don’t get too wasted with strange men around, otherwise bad things could happen. But no. We live in the era of femilunacy, whence any suggestion that young ladies would be best advised not to smoke immediately after dousing themselves in petrol is exactly the same as Chinese foot binding. It was bad enough when the femiloons were encouraging any female in a management position to model herself on Nero, but at least that didn’t lead them to go home with Jack the Ripper.

In so far as ‘ladette’ culture is just another case of the femiloons taking all the flaws of male culture and exaggerating them to the point of absurdity, it would just be business as usual, without the Phantom Pharmo-Pervs. These shadowy figures are the perfect bogeymen for femiloons. Grandma only wanted you to avoid leaving with any strange men, but now the femiloons warn you that a moment’s inattention and you could be turned into a mindless sex slave. Best to play it safe and avoid all men, hey ?

Ruth Hall, of Women Against Rape, doubtless formed to counter the lies of Women For Rape, has branded the report ‘unhelpful’. I’ll say. The idea of a nation of date rape drug drink spikers, fits perfectly into the femiloon’s paradigm of unending sex war, as exemplified by the supposed billions of unreported rapes every week. Of course, if you were wanting to do something off the wall like, oh I don’t know, prevent women being raped, it would be useful to get the message out to them that becoming a victim doesn’t require sinister pharmo-pervs with exotic pills, simply drinking to excess can render a woman vulnerable.

Then again, who’s to say the femiloons are really against rape anyway ? Not only is it a nice wedge issue for them, but the unhinged rantings about all men being rapists just emphasises their comparative lack of outrage over the demographic that more than any other is responsible for rape, namely rapists.

Sentences for rape, in common with every other crime, have plunged. But where are the femiloons ? Sure, they’ll describe just about every disappointment a women could face as ‘practically the same as rape’ and they call for rape trials to pick up a few tips from the Witchfinder General (‘if the axe bounces off, he’s guilty’), but when it comes to actual, no arguments, predators ? Nope, nothing to see here, move along. Rape’s kind of bad, but apparently not bad enough for the femiloons to break ranks with the rest of the Leftards. That’s why the same people who’ll denounce our supposed epidemic of rapes are happy to see predators let off with less time than Jeffrey Archer served. That’s why they endorse absurd ‘rehabilitation’ schemes carried out by well-paid, beardy-weirdy psychobabblers. That’s why they oppose notification laws that will warn people when a known predator moves into their area. If you want to see people opposed to rape, don’t bother with the ugly boilers trying to define it down to the point where even the Pope could be convicted, check out the Right. We want to make sure that when we nail them, they stay nailed.

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