Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Poetry Is Evil

Liberals are pretending to be outraged again, so I guess that means someone’s committed a crime against PC. Ah yes. A 'racist' poem.

Now that’s not a phrase you hear every day.

Liberals are so busy being outraged that they haven’t got round to saying why exactly it’s racist. True, it mentions Pakistanis, but not in a specifically racial way (in fact, there are US versions that mention Mexicans). The author isn’t criticising Pakistanis, he criticising an immigration system that involves throwing money at any idiot who can make it to Heathrow. The poem would work just fine if it mentioned Martians.

Needless to say, in so far as the girly hysteria was entirely predictable, the Tory concerned must have rocks for brains to get caught up in this. But hang on a mo’ – what’s with the leadership’s sudden chorus of ‘who let her in ?’. She was an A-Lister, a Grade A, Cameron-Approved, Fast-Track Superwoman, ready to be foisted on some innocent constituency. What does that say about Cameron’s Cloning Facility ?

Nevertheless, there is something that sticks in the throat hearing the party of Jenny Tonge and Chris Davis denounce racism. Sure they were demoted, but they still kept their jobs. Come to think of it, it’s a double whammy. After all, if everyone has the right to move to Britain then, hey, surely no one can object to the Jews moving to Palestine ? After all, it’s not like they expect Hamas to give them a free house, so what’s the Liberal Scumocrats’ real beef ?

But there’s something deeper here. The charge against the poem is that by mocking our train wreck immigration system, it is, by definition, racist. That’s what all parties are tacitly endorsing when they compete to come up with the most hysterical denunciation. So think that one over. Now, it’s not only racist to oppose open borders immigration, it’s racist to oppose open wallet immigration too. Or, to put it another way, if you don’t believe everyone on the planet has the right to fly to Britain and demand we give them a boat load of cash, the mainstream parties think you’re racist scum.

Hey, if nothing else, could the MSM stop referring to those of us who oppose current immigration policy as ‘extremists’, at least until we get some actual evidence that a majority of people outside the Westminster Village support our ‘everyone welcome’ policy ? Right now, I’m thinking the fact none of the mainstream parties will admit to even supporting ‘open borders’ kind of suggests that critics of this policy can’t be too fringe after all.

In so far as there is now no mainstream party that doesn’t think we should greet immigrants with open wallets, this is something of a gift to the BNP. Of course, Liberals will want to denounce Nasty Nick’s Party, but how can they ? If they’re going to use up all the rhetoric on people who don’t think we should be letting former Rwandan militia men into the country, what words do they have left for people who really do think DNA is destiny ?

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