Sunday, October 02, 2005

Trouble On HMS Fabulous

The Royal Navy has been shocked - shocked! - by the revelation that one of the gay blokes they were so anxious to recruit turns out to be gay.

The actual casus whini is the decision of a sailor to enter Mr Gay UK - the competition, not the bloke - and their Lordship's decision that sailors are not permitted to flaunt their rigging in public. Apparently, they didn’t believe him when he tried to claim he was just preparing for his next cruise. All of which immediately raises one question: the Admiralty reads gay mags ? Clearly so, since it is obviously absurd to suggest that gay rights activists have cooked this whole scandal up as an excuse for another stroll down the Via Victimhood. The thing is though, in an almost unprecedented occurance, they actually have a point.

Here's the Martyr D'Jours friend d'boy on Navy Policy:

The Navy say they are pro-gay but it seems that's only if you don't act it."

It's never a good sign when a bloke so young he probably shaves with a toothbrush can see the problem more clearly than the whole machinery of the State apparently can. Then again, some of us called the shot and the pocket, and we have the abusive e-mails to prove it.

Just from first principles, the Navy’s position doesn’t make the slightest sense, based as it is on the idea that they can recruit gay sailors, and then restrict them from doing any of that gay stuff. Isn’t that just a ‘private matter’ ? But what drives this policy deeper into the realms of Insaniaville is the decision to actively recruit folks who live the gay lifestyle.

But let’s give the Navy the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say that their policy makes perfect sense, and all a gay sailor has to do is….What exactly ? The old ‘I can neither confirm or deny that my torpedo is locked onto the buoys’ routine ? Or possibly, considering who foisted this insanity on the fleet, the Dear Leader could take some time out to instruct them in some suitably Blairian evasions like explaing the difference between aspiring to foul their screw on somebody’s stern and being committed to doing so.

All of this might sound ridiculous, but there’s a serious point here. The whole ‘gays in the forces’ idea relies on the paradigm that it’s just a job like any other. It’s an outgrowth of the same mentality that leads to police officers being flown out to Iraq to investigate gun battles. It’s clear no one in this government has thought seriously about what the Armed Forces actually do. Is it any wonder that the combination of complete ignorance and political fanaticism leads to a dog’s breakfast like this ?

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