Sunday, October 23, 2005

Brum Scum

Events in Birmingham have thrown the absurdities of Liberalism into sharp relief better than Shakespeare could – not that you would necessarily know that if you were reliant on the MSM. Consider, for example, the MSMs bland allusion to ‘tension’ in the area these past few days. As it happens, Mr Free Market pointed out a BBC report on it last Thursday. Indeed, in so far as the MSM (BBC included) is still pushing the ‘bolt from the blue’ line, you need to read his post to see that incidents of mass criminality were already occurring on Wednesday. Think that one through: unless you’re prepared to trawl the regional news sections of the BBC, you’ll get better information from some guy hidden in a hedge with a rifle and a bottle of Scotch than from the whole of the MSM. Ditto, compare the current BBC reporting with Laban’s round up. Shouldn’t an organisation which scores £3 billion p.a. of public dosh sort of do better than some guy with a PC in a country village ?

Still, you almost have to have sympathy with the MSM. These events have shredded their entire worldview. Take the question of prejudice. As Laban reports, Rasputin once tried to claim that Anglican disapproval of homosexual practices could lead to murder (really!). Similarly, a Tory MP only has to mouth the word ‘immigration’ for the MSM to claim he’s practically firebombing black churches, yet sauce for the goose is definitely off the menu. The same people who claim to find racism in the phone book turn a blind eye to statements like this or this. The Left consistently claims that only whites can be racist. We’re treated to lengthy expositions about ‘hegemony’, ‘institutional racism’ and the like, but then we see pitched battles between blacks and ‘Asians’.

No, Mr Liberal, this isn’t a ‘tiny minority’: there are at least enough people who buy into this garbage to return people like Diane Abbot and David Lammy to Parliament. Are the Left sure there’s no connection between an outbreak of mass criminality in Birmingham and a sitting MP who blames a furniture store for not knowing his constituents would behave like animals ? That’s another Liberal shibboleth that’s been exposed in Birmingham. Read Mr FM’s report and you see that on Wednesday our ethnic buds were already blocking roads. Needless to say, PC Plod was the very soul of cringing Liberal appeasement yet despite the Police taking no action to stop an outbreak of mass criminality, somehow mass criminality broke out again. Who’d have thunk it ?

This is the very antithesis of zero-tolerance policing. What underlies it is the absurd Liberal belief that when a group of thugs decide to start blocking roads, they’re actually making an inarticulate, yet eloquent, protest against social injustice. It may be technically true that the law does not approve of rampaging mobs but we have to take into account…..yada, yada, yada. Why was there rioting in Birmingham ? In part, because every less blatant act of criminality in the run-up resulted in nothing but nods and winks from police management.

Consider too the role of the media. For all that media likes to flaunt its anti-establishment credentials, when social issues are involved, they dutifully push the whole spectrum of PC myths. But does it actually help ? Consider that the proximate cause of the rioting is a rumour that a young black girl was gang raped by a group of ‘Asians’. It’s tempting to dismiss it as an absurd rumour, but it’s not as if the Liberal establishment doesn’t have a track record of soft-pedalling cases involving – ahem! – ‘Asians’. Maybe if people had any confidence that they were getting the real story from the media, they wouldn’t be so quick to believe rumours about underwater Jihadi vampires, or whatever the hell else.

As ever, Laban calls it right when he calls attention to the vicious subtext to local MP Khalid Mahmood’s rhetoric. If he appeared on TV wearing a shirt with ‘Save It For The Honkeys’ on it, his message could hardly be more blatant. Thing is though that he’s just taking the last forty years of Liberalism to its (il)logical conclusion – and so are the rioters. Where the ethnic minorities are concerned, Liberal policy has been a toxic mix of entitlement and victimhood. When unrealistic expectations meet paranoia the results can't hardly not be violent.

That was all OK with the Left, just as long as it was properly directed. As long as ethnic minorities served their purpose as shock troops in the Left’s Gramcian culture war, as long as they turned their rage on those pesky hegemons, everything was OK. If the rioters had spent their time murdering middle-class white males with jobs in the private sector, Liberals would now be lobbying to make 22 October a national holiday. Thing is though, what do you do when there’re no more oppressors around ? All that rage has to go somewhere. What we saw on Saturday night was a true measure of the nihilistic nature of Liberalism.

Liberals are often accused of being woolly-minded Utopians. That’s only half-right. The corollary to their vision of the golden future (once they exterminate their opposition) is a fanatical contempt for the world as it actually is. Hence the love for brain dead idiots like Darcus Howe. True, he may be a retarded thug dealing in inflammatory racist garbage, but he hates Britain nearly as much as Liberals do, and that’s about all Liberals have left as far as actual ideology goes.

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