Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Left Say International Law Is 'So Passe'

Hey, who'd have thunk it ? The L3 have finally reaised that 'international law' is just blather. Don't crack out the champagne yet though. They still believe that international law prevents turfing out murderous dictators. They still believe it means we can't deport known terrorists. They still think international law means we can't detain enemy combatants.

Nope - mere matters of mass slaughter weren't enough to persuade the Left to stop chasing this rainbow. The straw that broke the camel's back was.......diplomats telling them to shove it when they tried to shake them down. The good ol' US of A and Das Reich have both told Livingstone's freak show to stick their congestion charge where their collective head is. Given that diplomats have long had exemption from taxes, the Left's case isn't exactly strong.

The Left is trying to claim the congestion charge isn't a tax, it's a charge for service. This is true in the sense that the guy holding a knife to your throat isn't muggin you, he's merely levying a charge for the service of not murdering you. Still, there's an important lesson here. When Conservatives supposedly break international law (what ever that might be), it's to defend civilisation, when the Left does it, it's to pursue some petty shakedown against the US.

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