Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Some Further Moralising.....

Just something I've been thinking about since I posted on the Conservatives' desperate attempts to convince people that they don't really believe anything at all. The Conservatives right now appear terrified of being accused of 'moralising', but where's it at ? Look at what the Left cites as the prime case of Tory moralising: Clause 28. A-huh. A law designed to prevent public money and classroom time being diverted to the promotion (and only the promotion) of a certain lifestyle is held to be the moral equivalent of firebombing Dale Winton's pad. Frankly, it all seems a little weak when you think about it, but fortunatly the Nu Tories rolled over so fast that Labour didn't have to explain how refusing to give special privledges to a particular group was proof that you hated them.

I mention all this not only to point out a certain weakness in Labour's charge sheet, but also the basic humbuggery of their position. The Left are whining about moralising ? Does that mean that even they don't listen to themselves ? Think about issues such as City salaries, the environment and the like. No shortage of finger-wagging there. But the high point of Liberal witch hunting has just been reached. The Left may have hated Clause 28, but they can't actually name anyone sent down during the alleged reign of terror. The Left on the other hand...Not content with locking the kids in during lunch hour, the latest iteration in their Jihad on the wrong food is to threaten to throw school governors in jail.

No, I'm not making it up. School governers - volunteers all - are being threatened with jail if they don't supply a politically-correct diet for the kids. Yowser. I'm not sure even the USSR ever tried something so bizzare. This is truly deranged, but more than anything it should kill once and for all the meme that it's the Right that wants to control people's lives.

oh yeah...since you ask, the Luke Skywalker of the Conservative Party says they support the food fatwa, but they think it goes too far. That's telling them...

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