Friday, October 14, 2005

Classy As Ever

Well, I guessing there won't be any more references to any type of Coke from David Cameron. At least he's in with a chance of the vital Kate Moss endorsement. Needless to say, the media's favorite 'nice' Tory has refused to make capital out of this kind of scurilous rumour-mongering.

Just kidding! The folks at ABC pass on this comment from their hero:

Kenneth Clarke has brought the issue of hard drug use into the Conservative
leadership race, by declaring he had never taken cocaine.
The denial came at a hustings in Westminster, where the former Chancellor was grilled by a group of right-wing Tory MPs and asked if he had ever taken class A drugs.

Given that one of the effect of nose candy is maniac energy, I think most people had long discounted the possiblity of Jabba being on blow. If nothing else, this kind of nodding and winking reference to unsubstantiated rumours about someone who, one way or another, is certain to be a senior member of the Party for the forseeable future must surely ram home what a disruptive maroon Clarke actually is.

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