Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Ballard Of St Jean (Part MMXIV)

Sir Ian Blair finally makes the point he should have done in July: there is no ‘shoot to kill’ policy because there can be no such policy. Police officers are legally ‘citizens in uniform’. When a police officer uses lethal force he is acting under the provisions for reasonable force that are available to any citizen. To be sure, it’s an open question whether the courts set the bar a little higher for PC Plod rather than Mr Householder, but that’s a question about interpretation rather than basic principle.

All that measures such as Operation Kratos mean is that the Filth have been running through drills and hypothetical scenarios to deal with potential suicide bombers. Let’s try a little thought experiment here: can you imagine what the Left would say if they weren’t doing this ?


And how does the Al-Beeb counter this argument ? Yep – by invoking St Jean the Martyr. As ever, professional cousin Alex Pereira runs through them ol’ gringo-hating classics, without ever getting round to explaining what he’s doing still living here.

As if the screechy whining of another Third World entitlement surfer wasn’t enough to convince anyone, we also have ‘senior lawyer’ John Cooper, who warns us that the ‘rules were being made in a climate of panic and fear rather than through calm development.’ Y’know, the kind of calm rationalism which lead Lord Hoffman to claim terrorism wasn’t a real threat. You can’t argue with a record like that.

This is how the modern Left arguesl: victimhood and snobbery. Atrocity stories rub shoulders with smug Liberals arguing that all the cool kids are into appeasement these days. Hence why Liberals hate the Internet: such an ideology can not stand up to scrutiny.

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