Sunday, October 23, 2005

Personally, I'm Still Waiting For Love Crimes

Compare and contrast the treatment of this crime and this one. In one case we have Liberals claiming that, absent the assailant having ‘Death to the Infidel’ tattooed on their forehead, it can’t be a hate crime, in the other the mere identity of the victim was apparently enough for the Left to indulge in girly hysterics about ‘homophobia’. This is a perfect example of the essential amorality of the modern Liberal: here we have two examples of violent thuggery, yet the Left is only able to process them in so far as they serve the Liberal agenda. They simply can’t see that slashing a child across the face or beating a man to death is evil and should be opposed for that reason alone. No, everything is relative, it’s all power and who are we to say anyway ? If David Morley was straight, the Left would have been just as busy claiming it was an isolated incident, it doesn't prove anything, and besides the Daily Mail made it all up anyway.

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