Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's The Fall Of The Berlin Wall All Over Again

Hardcore Lefties have only just got over the shock of finding out that the USSR was a hellhole after all, just like that fascist Reagan said. Now it turns out that another Liberal pin-up has turned its back on Liberalism. All we need now is for the Swedes to decide to bring in shall-issue laws for concealed carry pistol permits and there'll be mass suicides across London.

Actually, I can't see the contradiction. The Dutch are keen on crazy big man a$$ action, but they oppose Islamic fundementalism ? Hey - it's almost like the Dutch have been listening to what the Islamopaths say. Still, it's nice to see the MSM remind us that, in taking measures to defend their civilisation, the Dutch are turning their backs on Liberalism. Thanks, Libs! We always knew you were a bunch of worthless, amoral traitors, now you've admitted that defending your country against a fascist death cult is enough to earn excommunication from the Lib's Big Tent.

Actually, while many of the Dutch measures are great, I can't get too excised about the Burqua. What's tees me off is the double-dipping: Islamopaths claiming the right to dress like Bin Laden, then claiming that we can't draw any conclusions from that fact. Hey - I'm a real Conservative: spend all day in KKK regalia if you want, but if you do, don't complain if you don't get the job at Green, Cohen and Goldblatt. Ditto for folks who shop at 'World of Jihad'.

So, maybe the burqua is important, after all. Maybe it's the perfect metaphor for the Culture Jihad. Here, we have Islamopaths declaring their right to parade through our towns in full death cult regalia, while demanding that they be treated like folks who don't march around dressed as a terrorist. That's the central point of the debate. As ever, it boils down to the demand that Islamopaths be given full rights of citizenship while declaring their own contempt for the corresponding responsibilities. Wearing Islamic regalia is a means of signalling agreement with Islamic ideology. We have the right to judge death cult adherents just as we have the right to judge a guy in KKK robes. Let them wear their beastly paraphenalia, and let the rest of us draw our own conclusions from that choice.

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