Wednesday, October 12, 2005


They're called the the 'Treason Party' for a reason: Stephen Pollard reports on the Lib Dems latest star fool. Hey - wasn't Afghanistan the war the Left was supposed to pretend to support ?

Good news on the education front: a much derided ethnic group finally starts making progress - well, it could be true.

The Clarke backlash continues: can't accuse these guys of burying the lede. Actually, I'm thinking the worst is over - most of Jabba's fans have transferred their loyalty to Luke Skywalker, but that's no reason not to put the boot in to the blustering one, lest he yet again he fail to take the hint and just cross the floor at last.

M'learned friends at it again: what price a Conservative leader who'll come out and call this sort of thing the disgrace it undoubtedly is.

Also in the McPeople's Republic: the comrades discover that taxing something lowers demand for it. To think - this was once the home of Adam Smith.

Finally, an oldie but goodie: PETCA - remember we have a duty to treat our little forest friends right. Overcooking them just destroys the taste.

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