Thursday, October 06, 2005

All Your Children Belong To Us

Regular readers will know I don’t normally mention the Al-Guardian here. That’s not through any reluctance to target fish in a barrel, so much as the fact that I’d have to read it to mock it. But anyway – I had a meeting today in one of the posh hotels with the newspapers all laid out and I couldn’t help but notice one of the most surreal articles ever heading up the Guardian’s Society section.

The Guardian, former employer of sassy Dilpazier Aslam, publisher of columns by Osama Bin Laden and Britain’s premier one-stop shop for Conservatives-as-Nazis metaphors, has decided to come out against the use of intemperate language in politics. All of which proves one thing: when under fire, there are no pots and pans the Left won’t throw.

There’s the implication of lese majeste the Left always like to inject when those pesky proles start questioning Liberal doctrine. More than that though, there’s the girly hysteria which the Left always relies on when the facts are against them. Really, it reads almost like parody. Guess how many words it takes for the Guardian’s near-pathological hatred of a certain other paper to come up ? Put it this way: the first three words are ‘The Daily Mail…’. Yep, that’s a Lefty attempt at a subtle hint that we’re not supposed to take the protestors seriously. It’s all a conspiracy...

There’s the Guardian’s trademark carpet bombing approach to using quotation marks. What’s that about ? Are the El Cubos too retarded to work out what to think without the Guardian there to ram home which opinions are “bad” ?

Consider the Guardian’s own Freudian slip when they refer to social workers as ‘adoption professionals’. A-huh. Isn’t that kind of like describing judges as punishment professionals ? Doesn’t it kind of beg the question ?

There’s the appalling humbuggery. The Guardian snootily calls Father 4 Justice ‘the lobby group best known for its infamous superhero protest stunts at Buckingham Palace and elsewhere.’ Yes, indeed, Mr Guardian, but what exactly have F4J done that hasn’t been done before by Greenpeace – as covered in glowing write-ups by the Guardian ?

Of course, no Lefty whine is complete without unsubstantiated complaints of ‘harassment’, but I did enjoy the irony of the Guardian running complaints about people being unfairly labelled as Nazis. Takes one to know one, I suppose. Thing is though that harassment is an offence, so why haven’t our Lefty friends reported it to the police ? Hmmmmm……

The central problem with the Guardian’s snooty whining is exposed by the very paragraph they cite as proof of their opponent’s evil:

If you yourself have an unhappy or non-existent family life you are an ideal candidate to become a social worker. When you get used to breaking up other people's families and taking their children you will forget your own troubles and it will make you feel great. Remember, however, that if you come across a really brutal family where a child is being cruelly abused (like Victoria Climbié), just clear out in a hurry and leave them alone. Don't worry, no one will expect you to risk your own safety.

Sure, the language is colourful, but the basic details ? They really did leave Victoria Climbie to die. Social workers really have broken up families on the most ludicrous of grounds (Orkney, Cleveland, Pembrokeshire…..). Almost no social workers in the country can be described as having a normal family life.

As it happens, we’ve just had approximately four million Tory modernisers telling us that the only way the Party can possibly represent homosexuals is to have even more as MPs. Well, coming back at you Lefties. Just what proportion of social workers have kids as part of a stable, long-term, heterosexual relationship ? Sauce for the goose...

No – just kidding. I’m a real Conservative and I hate all this identity politics stuff. What concerns me isn’t how social workers live their own lives, except in so far as it is indictive of their wider worldview. Social workers have swallowed whole the femiloon view that the conventional family is worse than the Gulags (always assuming they believe in the Gulags). Add to that their belief that the middle classes are a David Lynchesque cesspit of hypocrisy and violence. Meanwhile, the victim classes can’t possibly be held responsible for anything, and besides, who are we to say that they’re raising their kids wrong ? Finally, add in the Gramscian desire to stick it to normal society and this is why Victoria Climbie was left to die, while a pair of GPs get put through the mill by barely-human socialist thugs.

But let’s talk about the Palestinians. Or, more to the point, let’s talk about the Left’s excuses for suicide bombing. All of these revolve around the supposed humiliation of the Palestinians, their powerlessness, the trauma of occupation….That explains suicide bombing, but the Guardian claims to be shocked that children being abducted causes anger ? Let’s take the Left at its word: families are being destroyed on the say so of people so smart they’re surprised that kidnapping children causes outrage. Or maybe not – we just don’t know what goes on. Everything is behind closed doors, independent oversight is conspicuous by its absence, and families are denied the right to proper representation. To put it another way, a family targeted by social services has considerably less rights than Osama Bin laden would have if he sought asylum in this country. Hey – by the Left’s criteria, social workers are lucky the parents aren’t visiting their offices with a semtex waistcoat.

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