Thursday, October 27, 2005

BNP Holds Firework Display, Admit It's A Comedown From The V-2

Mel P on the riots in Birmingham (and the media's near blackout):

If this had been white on black violence, there would have been a media feeding frenzy and the newspapers would have been full of reconstructions, analysis and instant opinions and recriminations. Instead, there has been near silence.

All true, and so is the flipside to that, namely that if it had been black on white violence, we’d be knee-deep in sociologists, race hustlers and other members of the less of worth community assuring us that it was all a perfectly valid response to the intrinsic oppression of ethnic minorities in……..yada, yada, yada.

My metric for all this is always to ask what the MSM would say if the BNP were responsible ? That’s always an interesting thought experiment, except in this case where we do in fact have the answer right in front of us.

Of course, these two cases aren’t quite comparable. The Brum Scum are protesting (in a riotous kind of way) about an alleged assault on an as yet unidentified victim. Das Reichtards are protesting about real offences on known victims (as even Channel 4 admits). More to the point, while the homeboys are mouthing the usual pointless generalities about police incompetence, in Keighley we’re talking about the police specifically disbanding a squad that targets these offences. The biggest difference though is simply this: on the one hand we have a actual outbreak of savagery in Birmingham, meanwhile the Left can only make dark hints about the BNP holding a bonfire on Nov 5.

Sure, the BNP have their own loony agenda, but to use that to avoid asking awkward questions is to fall headfirst into the genetic fallacy. If nothing else, we’re entitled to ask if there are any other circumstances where the axing of a squad investigating sex crimes would pass without any comment by the femiloons. I’ll guess raped children score lower on the Liberals’ ladder of victimhood than ‘Asians’.

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