Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hey, Mandy, What's The Excuse This Time ?

Scott at the Daily Ablution performs a useful public service rounding up some of the more outrageous disparities in the reporting of racially-motivated crimes. Funnily enough, Scott doesn’t mention the incident, or rather pair of incidents that exposed the naked bias in MSM reporting better than any other, namely the grotesquely disparate treatment accorded to the near-simultaneous slayings of Anthony Walker and Richard Whelan.

Recall that the excuse for such radically different treatment was that Walker murder was racially-motivated and that the Whelan murder was not. Let’s leave aside the fairly obvious point that at that stage in the investigation any suggestions as to motive could hardly be definitive. Equally, for the sake of the BBC’s sleazy argument, we’ll take it as self-evident that racially-motivated murder is more serious than the jovial, common or garden sort of homicide. Let’s just consider a more recent case of racially-motivated murder. I think we can safely say that an incident in which an Asian man is beaten to death by a gang of white thugs who then boast about killing an Asian can be considered racially motivated, so why the news blackout ? Hey – we’re not talking matters of tone, factual inaccuracy or the like – the BBC just hasn’t reported it at all. It’s as if it never happened. Why might that be ?

OK, I admit it: I changed a couple of details. Can you guess which ?

Hat-Tip to Henry in the comments.

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