Friday, October 21, 2005

Dogs That Don't Bark

When it comes to Liberal hypocrisy, if CND’s sudden love for nuclear weapons provides the farce, stories like this provide the tragedy. Where are the femiloons ? What the hell happened to zero tolerance ? Sure seems pretty tolerant to me. As a rule, if you’re going to claim you’re taking a hard line, that kind of implies knife-wielding predators serve more time than Jeffery Archer.

Hey – there’s even a specific legal point here. We’re told the scumbag got credit for copping a plea early on – yes, but the nature of the offence means the forensic evidence was overwhelming. Once the Police had the right man, he was always going down.

So where are the femiloons ? These people can whine about MEPs joking about cleaning behind the fridge but when we have a case that appals even the most morally-jaded of us, they're washing their hair. What lies exposed here is the sleazy tactical considerations behind the femiloon obsession with rape and other sexual offences. The femiloons are concerned with violence against women only so far as they can use it to indict the male species – all of us. Hence we end up with femiloons trying to reverse the burden of proof in rape cases (‘prove you’re not a rapist’) while soft-pedalling on actual, real rapists. There’s nothing potential about the threat from Ryder. If you’re wanting to reduce the risk to women, here it is: do not release this freak. But it’s all gone quiet over there.

It occurs to me that the victim would’ve got much more sympathy from the femiloons if she was some City witch called fat by her boss. They would’ve gone full throttle for that, that would have served their desire to define down atrocity. Much of this desire to portray the life of the average British female as a living hell is undoubtedly the product of the urge for ludicrous self-dramatisation common amongst the over-privileged and under-worked, but there’s more to it than that.

Modern feminism fits very much within the Left’s culture war. As such, there is a need to constantly find new grounds for victimhood, to find new proof that Britain is not only the worst nation on Earth, but the worst nation there could ever be. Hence the desire to cast even the most prosaic of social interactions between boys and girls as being ‘practically the same as rape’ while coddling real predators. In the Gramsican neverland, the proverbial ‘pillar of the community’ is an evil oppressor helping to prop up ‘the system’ while criminals are virtual Robin Hoods, making inarticulate yet still valid critiques of capitalism.

The poor lass should’ve claimed she’d been raped by the multinationals. Libs would’ve taken that seriously.

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