Sunday, February 18, 2007

Your Call Is Very Important To Us, Please Hold While We Arrange For A Sleazy Moron To Defame You

Liberals have long had the ‘ladder of victimhood’ to help them remember who to support when, say, Islamofascists announce that if Allah meant women to be taken seriously, he’d have given them brains, or when rap artists produce jovial ditties about murdering gays. Equally, important, but less well known, is the Liberal enemies list, used to ensure that the baddie in any given situation is always the one Liberals hate most.

This is why British soldiers are a murderous gang of savages, sort of like the SS but without the discipline and the spiffy uniforms, except when they get killed by the USAF, in which case they’re Anne Frank.

Or take a recent example from the BBC. Normally, the mere mention of big financial institutions has Liberals channelling Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Ditto, outsourcing. Factor in that Libs also think that Big Business provides lousy service just because they can and what do you have ? The BBC allowing an insurance company to claim, without evidence or additional commentary, that all those complaints about its lousy service are the result of a racist conspiracy. Ah yes.

But is there something a bit more unsavoury playing a part in customer dissatisfaction?

"Some people definitely had a certain mindset and decided the call was going to be bad before they'd even dialled the number," says Adrian Web from Esure...

"When we listened back to calls people had complained about often they were fine. Some people wanted the member of staff to fail because they were in India."...

People's complaints might have initially been fuelled by a bit of xenophobia, but it is now about the service they are receiving, says Ms Hathway.
That's balance at the BBC. One guy calling the Great British Public racists, one lass saying that they're racist but there also have other motivations. Call it a wild guess, but I’m thinking if some guy claimed it was all down to the fact them darkies can’t work a phone, the BBC might have managed a follow-up question or two. On the plus side, we now know one company to avoid when it’s renewal time.
Just to clairfy, I think the whiner from esure might be right about some customers, it's just that the BBC has spent years covering how eviiil Big Business exploits defenceless consumers, so it's hard to see this sudden outbreak of sympathy for our poor, abused financial services industry as anything other than Class IV humbuggery.

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