Sunday, February 04, 2007

The New Age Of Nothing

As I said before, it might just be that Liberals have managed to contrive the only ideal in the world today that’s less inspiring than the concept of humans as playthings of the moon god. The Left’s determination to cleanse the public square of Christianity is a big - perhaps the biggest – part of that, but there’s more to it that that. It’s often said that the fall of the Berlin Wall meant the Left had nothing left to fight for. The trouble is that that’s pretty much what the Left is fighting for: nothingness.

It’s not that the Left ducks the big issues of today; it’s that it doesn’t agree there are any big issues. In the age of irony, the Left’s main contribution is to affect a smug, eye-rolling air of being above it all. Sawing people’s heads off, not sawing people’s heads off, who’s to say which is better ? A country is whoever happens to be passing through at the time; a family is any random group of people who share a postcode.

All this wouldn’t be so bad, if the Left was merely cynical, but this very nihilism has become an ideology all on its own. Not only does the Left not believe anything, but it hates with a passion anyone who does have beliefs. Everyone who’s not ready to splash round in the Left’s moral equivalence cess pit is either a dupe or a fascist, depending on how well they argue against the Left. Ditto, all cultures are equal, except Western culture, which is the evilest there could ever be.

Not to say that even some Leftists don’t feel the strain of cognitive dissonance every now and again. Hence the descent into junk science and trutherism, as Liberals struggle to explain why sadistic muggers are the real victims and noble savages nobly fly jets in buildings (they’re traumatised by their childhood, and the Jews did it, respectively).

Back in the day, the Left had some insane ideas, but at least they (most of them) really wanted to make the world a better place. Now, the Left’s sole impulse is a destructive one. They hate the West, and they’ll turn any number of ideological somersaults to advance that hatred. Take the Pink Wedge: Liberals claim to be obsessed with gay rights, when it allows them to wage war on the family, but when the major threat to the West internationally is a group of people who string gays up, well, hangings are just fabulous!

That’s what’s wrong with modern Liberalism. Look behind the hatred and the bile and there’s….well, nothing really. That’s their achievement, that’s where we came in. That's how they contrived the only ideology in the world less appealing than Murderin’ Mo’s death cult.

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