Monday, February 26, 2007

Liberal Tolerance And Other Frauds

Much Liberal multiculturalism is fundamentally based on a fraud. Liberals claim constantly that all cultures are equal, but much of their soi dissant tolerance is predicated on the idea that all that talk of slaughtering Infidels is just a rhetorical flourish. The winner of ‘Best in Show’ for this tendency was US Senator Patty Murray’s claim that Bin Laden’s popularity in the Arab world was based on his hard work building day care centres. Yep, if there’s one thing Al-Quida stands for, it’s helping out those mothers trying to juggle bringing up baby with life as a busy executive.

In so far as even basic education of women was banned under the Taliban, Senator Murray’s arguments cross the line from merely stupid to contemptible, but they do serve the underline the essentially fraudulent nature of the Liberal claim to respect other cultures. They respect these cultures only in so far as they blind themselves to their true nature. Any suggestion that, say, Islam might differ in some respects from Liberalism is denounced as ‘Islamophobia’. Never mind the insanity, where’s the tolerance in supporting people who you think are just like you anyway ?

Meanwhile, the Right at least does the Islamopaths the courtesy of believing what they say. All of which is by way of saying read on and see just what Liberals think we need more of in this country.

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