Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tories Promise New Help For Disadvantaged Stories

Iain Dale wants to treat the BNP like Islamofascists. Hey, crimes bad enough without having to check with Nasty Nick Griffin before busting any white trash. Ditto, about the only thing that could make British education worse is setting up ‘BNP schools’ where the kids are taught about the dangers of inferior races contaminating our essence (but don’t worry it’s only a metaphor!).

But, wait … it turns out he means the media should stop soft-pedalling the case of a single, former BNP member arrested on terrorism charges. ID claims to be mystified why this case hasn’t received the same publicity as Islamopathic terror plots. Yes, it’s an enigma alright. Here we have a guy who’s been reported to own a rocket launcher (which no one has actually seen), be stockpiling ‘chemicals’ (and also packets of Smash) , who supposedly mentioned that he wanted to kill Tony Blair (who doesn’t ?) and who came to the police’s attention when he was turned in by a wife worried he was going off the deep end. That’s it, that’s the proof of this particular Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Ideally, shouldn’t an indictment be more specific than the average horoscope ?

In contrast, things seem a little more solid where Islamic mayhem is concerned. Never mind the thousands of incidents of actual violence happening post-Sep 11 alone, I think most people can tell the difference between a group of members in good standing of the Ummah, with known connections to terrorism, and illegal items in their possession caught discussing attacks on specific targets, and some nutball stocking up on the mash potatoes, waiting for the day when the New World Order will strike.

But let’s be fair to Iain Dale – it’s an easy mistake to make. On second thoughts, let’s not – the whole point is absurd, as two words will demonstrate: Simone Clarke. Last month the MSM went to Defcon One, terrified by the prospect of far-right extremists controlling the nation’s ballet resources. Any journalist with actual proof of BNP involvement in terrorism would make his reputation for life, yet all we’ve got is an ex-member, stockpiling 'stuff'. I don't think Ewan McGregor will be getting that script anytime soon.

There’s only two types of people who claim an equivalence between the BNP and Al-Quiada: Islamofascists apologists and Brit-hating Lefties. Well, now we can add the Tories to the list. The Worthless One’s idea of taking a firm line on terrorism is to claim the tangos are as bad as the BNP. Hey, maybe you wouldn’t want to live next door to a BNPer, but at least Nasty Nick can point to a proud record of no trains destroyed.

If the Tories can’t even bring themselves to denounce folks who to blow up the 9:23 without wrapping it up in absurd moral equivalence, just how can we trust them to take actual action against terrorists ? For that matter, what of their rhetoric about reaching out to the ‘vast majority of peaceful Muslims’ when they endorse one of the Islamofascists main talking points, namely the secret army of Infidels ready to fall upon innocent Muslims ? Indeed, why even talk about ‘terrorism’ in the first place ? In so far as the Tory position claims equivalence between those who use extreme rhetoric (the BNP) and those who use extreme rhetoric, plus violence (the Islamofasicts), doesn’t that implicitly accept terrorism as just another tactic ?

Still, if Dale wants an example of a desperately under-covered story in the North-West, here’s one served up on a plate. Perhaps he'd like to speculate as to why this one hasn't been covered by the MSM ?

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