Friday, February 09, 2007

Alf Garnett Takes To The Air

Not the least ludicrous thing about the Left’s response to the death of L/CoH Hall is their breathless reporting of coroner Andrew Walker’s unhinged attack on America as though it was some kind of shock. Hey, maybe we’d have let them call it a shock when Walker first used an inquest to denounce America, but this time round it just looks like a one-hit wonder trying to relive the glory days (a deranged moonbat being appointed to two Liberal cause celebres – what are the odds hey ?).

Anyway, what’s with this idea that denouncing America is somehow a courageous stand in the British legal system ? Denouncing Israel at the Hamas annual convention takes more courage. All he needs to do is work in something about Kyoto and he’d be on the High Court by next Tuesday.

The real mystery is what happened to the chickenhawk meme. About ten minutes ago, this was the Left’s favourite argument: unless you had personally bayoneted sixteen Argies at Goose Green, you lacked ‘the experience, judgement, or moral standing to make decisions about going to war.’ But suddenly everyone – grandstanding politicians, know-nothing journalists and media whore coroners especially – knows how to manage air assets in a mobile battle. True, they never actually get round to explaining how they’d do things differently – written requests ? – but they’re really, really sure that the Yanks are STOOPID.

That’s another rich source of humbuggery right there. Tuesday’s Jeremy Whine show was just the worst of a whole bunch of shows full to the brim with slack-jawed idiots phoning in stories about how their granddad always told them that those Yanks couldn’t be trusted with bombs. It’s just a pity we never got to hear grandad’s views on blacks or gays. For that matter, can we check the rules here ? Call it a hunch, but I’m betting more people in Britain have suffered death by Islamopath than have been killed by the US in both Afghanistan and Iraq, so how come no one’s talking about the vast majority of peaceful A-10 pilots ?

If nothing else, with officers of the court sounding like writers for 'comment is free' and MSM deadheads pretending to be Montgomery while airing the views of semi-literates claiming that Yanks are stupid, immature thugs and personally they send ‘em all back home, can the Left just stop pretending they’re baffled that the Yanks won’t hand over their personnel for trial in Britain.

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