Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Reassuring Pursuit Of Filthy Lucre

Continuing on today's theme of the depraved nature of modern Liberalism, consider this latest story passed on by Ranting Stan. Let’s leave aside the attempts at creative writing here, and just consider the charges on their own merits. But wait! They don’t have any. As Stan rightly points out, half are completely unsupported and the other half don’t even make sense.

This case would be disturbing enough, even without the question of motivation – or lack thereof. Why exactly did this family become the target of a Liberal Jihad ? The Mail speculates that it was to allow the council to hit government targets for adoption. That sounds bizarre, yet what other reason could there be ? Well, for one, I’d suggest the fact that – contra to the Liberal argument that the police must reflect the communities they serve – social services departments are dominated by folks who are hostile to the conventional family. If you genuinely believe the traditional family is exactly like a gulag, then that makes it a lot easier to destroy one. Either way, it is disturbing to note that the full machinery of government can be unleashed on such puny grounds.

The key point is that, whatever the motivation of these people, there was no one around to say ‘this is insane’ and nothing in the system to stop them. Liberals are obsessed with the idea that everyone in jail has been framed by bent coppers. Well, here’s a case of bent social workers trying to destroy an entire family, but the Left isn’t taking calls. Is seizing someone’s children worse than planting a wrap of H on them ? Why yes, I believe it is.

Consider what it says about the modern Left that this sort of thing raises no eyebrows. This is what I mean about the nihilism of the modern Left. No matter how degraded your moral sense, the idea of children being seized by the state on absurd grounds should appal you, but even this does not raise the Left’s hackles. After all, social workers are firmly in the Left’s camp – you just know the bar’s set far lower for groups identified as traditionally Conservative.

Except that’s the thing. Liberal’s talk darkly about ‘putting profits before people’. If only. The pursuit of profit means that you have to at least try and produce something somebody wants. Government’s don’t have to bother, which is one reason why real evil needs state backing. After all, Holocaust II would be hard to raise funding for. Equally, as in this case, it would be kind of hard to get people to pay for a bunch of lesbian headbangers to destroy families for trivial reasons.

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