Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Journalist Barbie

The Rotty Pup bags the BBC for using one of the most absurd ecoloon talking points. As the Rottmeister points out, just where do Libs think the business community live, if not in the world ? Do they commute in from Mars ?

But let’s just consider the humbuggery here. The BBC doesn’t agree with the plainly observable fact that, yes, if the Earth falls into the Sun, even the rich people will die. I think the term goes something like ‘motes and beams’. For years Beeboids have been eulogising the whole Liberal litany, including ‘progressive education’, multiculturalism and the rights of sex offenders, all while themselves living as far as possible from Ground Zero. Folks who really have seen how, say, the curriculum has had the liver of Prometheus torn out it have been dismissed as out of touch reactionaries, even while Beeboids have been careful to put their larvae down for faith schools. How about a Beeboid visiting the indigenous people’s of Bradford ?

Still, even that isn’t the most depressing part of it all. Consider the slack-jawed logic on display here:
Call me cynical if you will, but my first thought was, so you mean, what, corporations like Enron? Or Arthur Andersen? Or WorldCom? And I was not alone. Mr Bodman had momentarily silenced an entire press corps.
Like, totally. Is this really a BBC reporter or did he get his 14 year old daughter to write it ?
Call me cynical if you will, but I'm like yeah, riiiiight! And I was not alone, everyone was, like, totally ‘I can’t believe you said that’, and it was like, dead funny cause Rachel at CNN, who’s really kewl, even though her boyfriend's kind of weird, is like ‘you are such a geek!’ and we’re all laughing and then…

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