Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Best Story Ever

This made me laugh like a hyena on NO2. I had to track down a page of Ben Elton gags just to stop laughing.

Actually, I’m kind of charmed by the idea of a place where people can just be themselves. Liberals have their 750 page definitions of human rights, but when it comes to that most central of rights – the right to do your own thing, they want nothing to do with it.

The humbuggery is thick in the air here. What of all those folks, including some on the Right, who gave pious speeches about the importance of standing up for gays ? Here’s a whole bunch of homos getting nailed by these regs, so where are they now ? Ah yes, it turns out that the whole ‘gay rights’ thing doesn’t extend to actual, y’know, rights for gays. Well, either that or they just don’t get excited when there’s no chance to flick a v at the Church.

On the other hand, what’s with Matthew Parris and pals ? These folks were taking out onions not two weeks ago just because there were tiny corners of the Septic Isle where rampant butt 5ex was not regarded as art. Thousands of noble arboreal citizens of the Earth where sacrificed to carry heart-rending – or possibly stomach-churning – pieces about how they felt as though their very souls had been torn out of them and ripped into a million pieces by the jackboots of the Theocons and their outdated insistence that there be no playing the pink oboe during Sunday Mass. Yet, now we’ve found some more cases of people being discriminated against on the basis of their sexuality, there’s no sign of unsanctioned soul removal. Seems like Parris and pals have packed their crosses away. Apparently, you can go too far with this whole ‘tolerance’ thing.

So, anyway, the Pink Wedge are principle-free hacks, and The Dawk’s Brights are a bunch of creepy fascists. Same ol’, same ol’, but at least some gays might have joined the long list of people who finally realise you can go to bed with Liberals, but don’t expect them to respect you in the morning.

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