Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The 'Animal House' Approach To Immigration

For further evidence in support of my rule that while most Rightists have at least some idea of what Liberals believe, Leftists don’t have a clue about the Right, consider Gordon Broon’s latest Big Idea. Ah yes. So now the few doctors who’ve survived the purges will be forced to pick up litter. Come to think of it, for the sake of Mr Broon’s absurd argument, would retiring Gurkas wanting to take up residence also be forced to perform some service to this country ?

Ok, so talking about this policy is kind of like talking about what I’d do if Uma Thurman knocked on my door demanding a night of passion.. Both are about as likely to happen, but still, this does give some insight into how deranged the Left’s view of the Right actually is.

The Left views a British passport as a fundamental human right, and so Conservatives are elitist meanies trying to deprive folk of their birthright just because. Forget discussing issues like social cohesion, infrastructure and the like: we’re just a group of elitist frat boys who don’t want to let people into our house. Ergo, Broon’s Big Idea, an equivalent to fraternity pledging (and if his next announcement is that new male immigrants will have to spend a week dressed up in women’s clothing, that’ll just confirm it).

To say that Broon’s policy misses the point is to say that the Titanic’s maiden voyage wasn’t 100% successful. In so far as ‘Project Broon’ seems best designed to alienate the people we need, while having the least possible effect on the wasters we’re already getting, it’s the perfect example of what it is that the Right really objects to.

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