Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well, It Could Have Been Worse

So, that was the first two episodes of ‘Life on Mars’ season two. As I suggested earlier today, I was half expecting a bait and switch deal this time round, with the accent switching to PC nannying and ‘weren’t our ancestors horrible’ sermonising. Fortunately, the BS is still fairly subtle by BBC standards, but it’s definitely cranking up. First episode we had woman bravely battling against sexism, then second time up we had black dude bravely battling against racism, followed by next week’s episode, which looks like it’ll be loveable Oirish folk bravely battling against the bigots opposed to their jovial homicidal ways, to be sure. We may as well start taking bets now for which episode will take us to a gay club.

That’s all alongside the previous offences. Amazingly enough, it turns out that case number one was helped along by using Sam’s 21st Century techniques for processing a crime scene. Again. Ditto, the Morgan Freemanesque barman – not insignificantly called ‘Nelson’ - was present and correct. Still, at least the show has an actual plot and good dialogue, which beats out the rest of the dreary Lefty drivel the BBC pumps out.

Actually, just as with the first season of the new ‘Battlestar Galatica’, there’s at least the saving grace that while the Liberal subtext is there for all to see, they acknowledge that there are actual counter-arguments from the Right. Take the first episode of the new run, where Sam’s clashing with a man he knows will become a murderous gangster by 2006. Suddenly, it Sam who’s bending the rules and DCI Hunt who’s playing it by the book. Of course, this sort of inversion is SOP in these shows, but it’s nice to have some acknowledgement that there’s a downside to the ever-expanding range of ‘uman rights. It’s great that there’s at least one BBC show that can consider a Conservative viewpoint, but it’s just a pity that it has to be sneaked in hidden in the boot of a Ford Cortina.

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