Sunday, February 18, 2007

Manufacturing Massacres

Don’t be shocked, but a high profile war crimes case against a British soldier has just collapsed. Again. You know, I’m starting to suspect that some of these guys aren’t even trying to slaughter thousands of innocent civilians every day. Mind you, Liberals are still pushing the boat out to try and find some – any – evidence of massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan. I keep pointing out that everyone knows there are mass graves across both countries, but they say those massacres didn’t count.

For that matter, what’s with the obsession with tracking down British atrocities? People blowing up large groups of civilians? Yep, we’ve got ‘em, but not only do the Libs give them a pass, they bend over backwards to hobble the folks trying to stop them. To add insult to injury, we have an Army desperately short of almost everything, but money’s no object when it comes to trying to cobble together a Frankenstein’s case against our troops.

Fortunately, as Ross points out, we have Liberalism’s own Mr Tourettes to explain what really motivates these people. There it is, in black and white, by his own account Hari supports conscription because it will hinder military efficiency. Yowser! We always knew that all that Liberal garbage about opposing use of depleted uranium on health grounds and the like was garbage, but still, their desire to destroy the utility of the forces is rarely stated so clearly.

Ditto, Hari’s claim that a conscript army would make it harder to go to war gives us a revealing insight into the Liberal view of politics. It appears inconceivable to Hari that every now and then it might not be the West that goes to war. Are people parading in the streets with banners claiming Christianity will rule in Mecca? Nope. But in Liberal land, it’s always the West that’s wrong.

Hatred of the West and the desire to hobble the Army are what really drives this insane search for a British Oradour. If Libs really cared about civilian deaths, they’d stop referring to foreign jihadis who blow up marketplaces as ‘insurgents’ and the like, but they won’t. Even when faced with head-chopping lunatics, they'll bend over backwards to try and smear Britian.

Can we call them traitors yet ?

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