Friday, February 23, 2007

20 mg of Humbugex STAT!

Get this: the government has introduced new rules whereby immigrants will only be considered for jobs if there’re no suitable local candidates.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to retune your sense of reality, the rules only apply to doctors. Can you imagine a better proof of the toxic mix of elitism and cynicism that drives British Liberalism? Liberals will prattle on endlessly about the benefits of mass immigration, but when it’s their ox being gored, suddenly we get this:

The changes were prompted by the massive rise in numbers at medical school threatening a glut of doctors.
But…but…but I thought that was the point! Wasn’t mass immigration a good thing because it kept down inflationary wage pressures ? So run this by me again, o egalitarian ones: downward pressure on the wages of bar maids and janitors is a good, downward pressure on medical wages is a bad. Ah yes.

The joke used to be what do you call the guy who graduated bottom of the class at medical school ? Doctor. Now, the jokes on us with even the dimmest GPs scoring six figures. How does this supply and demand thing work again ? Meanwhile, we have a medical profession chock full of the type of people who defend the poverty caused by mass immigration by explaining that the people who lose out are all chav scum anyway. I say it’s well past time for some sauce for this goose.

Let’s just consider the wider issues though: Liberals defend an open door policy towards jihadis, pushers and perverts by claiming that it’s culturally enriching to have a former Somalian milita leader living at the bottom of the road. Well, here’s a whole bunch of people who are, doubtless, plenty vibrant, but also intelligent and hardworking, and suddenly the Left has decided that border controls are the way of the future. If only these medics had stopped prescribing drugs and started selling them, Liberals would be all over them, but in the bizzarro world of Liberal immigration policy, the skills Britain really needs are welfare scrounging, blowing stuff up and dressing like a circus clown.

Meanwhile, in order to prop up one of Britain's most highly paid professions, the Left is forcing out huge numbers of highly-trained, hard working professionals providing valuable services. I'm guessing they're jut afraid that if the don't doctors will finally admit the truth, and classify Liberalism as a form of mental illness.

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