Monday, August 01, 2005

Wrong Type Of Victim

Media bias is a tricky subject. The L3 maintain that there are plenty of right-wing outlets, but how Right are some of them ? Sure, they may adopt elements of the Conservative agenda, but when the rubber meets the road they gobble up the Kool Aid by the bucket load. Take recent events, for example. As Steve rightly points out, the contrast between the media‘s treatment of the murder of Anthony Walker and that of Richard Whelan is shocking. If even a month ago, a Conservative commentator had suggested this scenario he would have been howled down as a racist.

The only difference between these two killings is that one can be made to serve the Liberal agenda and the other can’t. Native Britons killing blacks is further proof of how evilley evil Britain is. Killings the other way round only lead some to suspect that this whole multiculturalism thing isn’t quite working out, and that would never do.

This is the perfect proof of Liberalism’s moral bankruptcy. Here we have the most serious of criminal offences and yet they are incapable of regarding it as anything more than an opportunity to push their own agenda.

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