Saturday, August 20, 2005

Danger! Liberals At Work

Just to run throught the state of play in the case of St Jean the Martyr, an arm of the State utterly screwed up its assigned mission, shot the wrong guy and then carried out a massive cover-up, and Liberals think this incident makes a strong case for their philosophy. Hey - Conservatives may have their shameless side, but at least none tried to claim that Enron showed the benefits of the free market.

Of course, logic was never the Left's forte. That's why they like this case so much - it allows them to play to their strength: giddy self-rightousness. Liberals are clear where the blame lies: Conservatives support shooting terrorists, the Police claimed to have shot a terrorist, therefore the blame lies with the Right, much as the Left's support for the NHS makes them responsible for Harold Shipman.

Hey - at least Dr Death was a Lib Dem, but how exactly did Sir Ian Blair get to be a member of the VRWC ? Yes, that Ian Blair, the guy who turns a blind eye to some offences, while wanting to tear up the Constitution for the right victim group - or even just plain ignoring the law in the first place. But now we're supposed to believe he's gone off St Ann since she started to go all commercial.

Consider too, the second-in-command at Scotland Yard. Yep - Commander De Nial himself, aka Captain Anarchy (here's hoping the investigators thought to take a urine sample). And the responsible commander for the operation ? Ah yes - the all-too-easily-mocked Cressida Dick, yes - her.

It's not just Britain's Worst Force either. The Gold Standard for Police Shooting Related Screw-Ups was set under the indisputably PC Chief Constable Paul Whitehouse. Yes - this guy. Come to think of it, even without guns they unfailingly manage to steer onto the rocks. It was seemingly inevitable that the guy who wants us to Tie A Green Ribbon Round The Old Jihadi, would preside over the collapse of his own force.

Clearly, then, the problems of the Police Service are all down to the Right.

But seriously - how come Liberals are so universally awful at policing ? One answer is obvious - these people have achieved their rank via politics rather than, say, busting lowlife. How, exactly, did Commander Cressida's previous job as head of the Met's diversity directorate equip her for the front line against terror (also, it's unfortunate that her transfer prevented her finishing her enquiry into whether Moonbats were over-represented in management). Still, that's not the only thing.

G K Chesterton once suggested the hypothetical case of a gate erected across a road. His point was that while there may be many reformers who do not see the point of having some stupid gate blocking the road, these are the people who absolutely should not be listened to when it comes to deciding whether to remove the gate or not. As he puts it:

The gate or fence did not grow there. It was not set up by somnambulists
who built it in their sleep. It is highly improbable that it was put
there by escaped lunatics who were for some reason loose in the street.
Some person had some reason for thinking it would be a good
thing for somebody. And until we know what the reason was,
we really cannot judge whether the reason was reasonable.

The current crop of PC PCs don't just want to rip out any gates they see, they positivly relish the persecution of anyone who suggest that it might not be such a great idea. Indeed, they may not like catching criminals, but they relish tracking down 'gatists'.

This is the third point. Many of our senior police officers aren't actually law enforcers, so much as culture warriors. They can see how catching criminals gives them a certain credibility, but it's not something worth obsessing over. Their real vocation is helping bring about Nu Britannia.

That's the final point. The modern police manager, just the Liberals so many of them are, has drunk heavily at the well of PoMo. This insane philosophy has caused dmage everywhere it has taken root, but the belief that there are no absolutes only competing viewpoints is particularly disasterous when combined with law enforcement (hey, maybe that's the answer - the Met didn't lie, it offered an alternative view).

The Law is the sphere of absolutes, there is order and there is chaos, as night is to day. Liberals believe law should be like a Tony Blair speech, an essentially transitory set of positions, adopted purely for polictical benefit. Hence, we have both the proliferation of new laws and the failure to enforce the ones we already have. Soon everything will be illegal, but they won't really mean it.

The concept of law as the codification of the common morality has gone the way of the dodo. What all this means is the Police have become in both senses of the word demoralised. Instead of being a noble calling, the Police have become the provisional wing of the Guardian. Professionalism cannot survive in such an environment.

Liberals have the answer though. They've come out with a bold new policy: they're against the Police shooting the wrong people. With that kind of ground-breaking genius, it's hard to see how the Left managed to screw-up the Police so badly in the first place.

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