Sunday, August 07, 2005

Restart The Jihadis

So finally Blair brings forward anti-terror measures. Say what you like about Blair, but it only takes seconds after the horse has bolted for him to bring forward the Stable Door Act (2005). But better late than never...

Actually, I can't say I'm too impressed. As with much else involving Blair there is all too much of a suggestion of a man trying to have his cake and eat it. Note, for example, that there will be changes to the Human Rights Act to make it more difficult for the Courts to screw up deportations. Well, yeah, but the Courts have long proven that as much as they can do to screw up defence, they’ll do it. As long as the Courts have any role in these matters, they’ll lie in the road trying to obstruct efforts to defend these islands. We don’t need to make changes to the HRA, we need to kill it with a shovel, or at least restrict these rights to citizens and legal residents. In a similar vein, consider the increased use of control orders on terrorists who can’t be deported. Any policy that shrinks away from serving walking papers on known bombers can hardly be called ‘tough’.

It’s one thing for Blair to talk about all these new policies which his government is just about to bring in, but there's something his government could be doing right now. Consider this: what proportion of Mad Mullahs and the like are signing on ? Since when did planning global Jihad get to be counted as being available for work ? How come no one’s asking the loons at Finsbury Park to attend a Restart interview ? Au contrair, the opposite policy appears to be in effect.

So that’s my litmus test: I’ll belive Blair is getting tough when a Jihadi gets his dole claim looked at as sceptically as if he was a forty-something ex-soldier, a former Rover worker or...well, just about anyone else in the country.

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