Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Vegetarian Steak

With all the subtly of a football chant, the Beeb is trying to spin the results of a recent poll on multiculturalism into proof that they're not a bunch of out of touch elitists after all. The headline claims that 'UK majority back multiculturalism', followed by an opening papragraph which claims that 'The majority of British people think multiculturalism makes the country a better place, a BBC poll suggests. '.

Trouble is that as soon as you dig down into the actual results, it all goes horribly wrong for the BBC. Take, for example the finding that '32% think it "threatens the British way of life" and 54% think "parts of the country don't feel like Britain any more because of immigration" '. Right there the Beeb's bandwagon runs into the sand. At least since the Sixties the MSM have been propagandising for multiculturalism, while opponents have risked both legal and career consequences, yet still nearly a third of public are prepared to tell them to shove it. More significantly though, consider the 54% who claim Britain is less British because of immigration. That means 22% of the public aren't prepared to openly admit to opposing multiculturalism - at least not to some inquisitive stranger in the street - yet will admit to qualms about the whole process.

The pattern is repeated in response to other questions:

But the survey suggests a more "confused" attitude to the concept of
multiculturalism, Mr Page added. Some 62% of the national population believe
"multiculturalism makes Britain a better place to live", according to the poll.
At the same time, 58% thought "people who come to live in Britain should
adopt the values of and traditions of British culture".

If there is confusion there, it's hardly the fault of the public. The Left, just like the BNP, has delibratly blurred the distinction between a multiracial and a multicultural society. Native Britons have no great desire for the rantings of the BNP about pure bloodlines and the like. It's not immigrant's DNA they object to, it's their behaviour.

This is an important point about the modern Left: they just can't tell the public what they really believe. They prefer to try and demonise opponents of multiculturalism as Nazis, KKKers or racists, rather than admit that actually they think carving your daughter's genitals out with a razor is every bit as civilised as not doing so. The public may have been variously bamboozled or intimidated into claiming they agree with multiculturalism, but when the rubber meets the road, they overwhelmingly reject the actual practice of multiculturalism (and also female genital mutilation).

Of course, no BBC article is complete without the compulsory Islamocoddling, and here it is: 'The overwhelming majority of Muslims - 89% - said they feel proud when British teams do well in international competitions, a similar figure to the national population. ' Gosh - it makes me feel all warm inside. well against who ? Sure, they might support England v Germany in the footy, but how's about a Test series against Pakistan ? That's the question of the hour, and - needless to say - the BBC ducks it. Still, we get a subtle hint down below, when we're told that 'Among Muslims, 87% thought multiculturalism improved British society, but only 28% thought people coming from abroad should adopt British culture and values. '. A-huh. But the real lu-lu is coming up:

Ben Page, director of Mori's social research institute, said: "The survey shows
that despite 7/7, the majority of both white British people and Muslims share a
common level of allegiance to Britain and its institutions and seem very
tolerant of each other, in contrast to media reporting following the London

Hey, who can he mean ?

That's what's so infuriating about the MSM in general, and the BBC in particular. They yap and yammer about 'accountability' and 'transparency' for everyone else, yet when data is revealed that flatly contradicts their editorial line, they not only publish it with nary a nod to their own previous reports, they do so in a way that seems to suggest we should applaud them for bravely debunking a myth they themselves were instrumental in trying to foist on the public. Can you imagine their reaction if any other company behaved in this way ?

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