Saturday, August 06, 2005

BBC Coverage Bombs

The Beeb’s coverage of the Hiroshima commemorations is predictably slimy. Here’s the killer fact here:

Many commentators believe the US attack helped bring an early end to World War II in the Pacific.
That’s it, that the sole reference to the fact that Harry Truman didn’t decide to nuke Japan on a whim. No, Mr Liberal, I don’t expect the BBC to recite the litany of Japanese atrocities every time the bomb is mentioned, not least because any reasonable list would fill up the whole article. But if the BBC is going to favour us with lurid descriptions of the effects of the bomb, it has a moral duty to balance that with the historical context.

Anyway, what’s with this ‘many commentators’ thinking the bomb shortened the war ? The bombs were dropped, Japan surrendered. If Liberals could ever demonstrate this kind of cause and effect with global warming, Conservatives would be going to work by Raleigh. Even if you think Japan was bound to collapse anyway, it is ludicrous to suggest that Japan would have gone from defiance to unconditional surrender in nine days, absent the bomb. Who does the Beeb think we were at war with ? France ?

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