Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's A Whole New Type Of Bayonet Drill

Further proof that satire is being squeezed to death under Nu Lab. The Army appears to be taking its inspiration from Python. But let's not let the superficial wierdness distract us from the deeper strangeness on display. Here's Army spokesfool Lieutenant Colonel Leanda Pitt:

We are delighted to be taking part in Gay Pride this year.
"As far as
the Army is concerned, sexual orientation is a private matter and we are
attending to promote the benefits a career in the Army can bring.

Here's a free clue Colonel: people who roger each other on a big float rolling through the city centre probably don't consider their sexuality a private matter. Au contrair -it's the central part of their identity - they do gay jobs for gay companies doing gay things and get paid in gay money, with Sir Elton on the back of the notes. Well, possibly. Still, weird though they are, they're at least honest, which is more than can be said about the Army's approach.

The Army wants to recruit people who are noisily, high intensity, full spectrum gay, but it doesn't want to face the consequences of that. Can you imagine if they acted the same way over recruiting Chaplains ? 'Ok, Padre, welcome to the show, now you will remember that you can't make any references to God, take part in any prayers or read the Bible...oh yeah, can you take that crucifix off as well'. C'mon!

Of course, you can't have the yin of a true Nu Lab diversity freak-out without the yang of a Jihad against the people who actually make up the bulk of the existing force. Conforming exactly to this pattern, in parallel to the Army's attempts to recruit the First Battalion of the Fighting Fabulous, the top brass are busily slagging off the very people who really do have a track record of victory. When exactly was this Golden Age when the Army was dominated by sensitive intellectuals ? Not any time I can think of.

Ours (our army) is composed of the scum of the earth - the mere scum of the

Mind you, the bloke who said that probably didn't have any of the skills that a modern general needs. After all, when he wanted to play politics, he got himself elected. How absurd is that ?

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