Sunday, August 21, 2005

More Stuff You Won't Find On The Beeb

More revelations in the case of St Jean the Martyr. In the comments to this Tim Blair piece, J J M Ballantyne points out a few details about the lawyers fronting the campaign, while in the comments to this post 'england' points out some factoids about another rider on the bandwagon, one 'Alistair Alexander'. Meanwhile, the Rottweiler Puppy has the full background check on 'concerned citizen' Asad Rehman. Just to second the point the folks at the RP make, you also need to consider who is really behind the supposed ourage of the Brazillian public.

I am now more than sure than ever of what I said a while back. The case of St Jean the Martyr is not an naturaly occuring scandal, it's a Frankensteinian affair stitched together in the Liberal media's PC laboratory. This is one of those entertaining moments in politics when the Liberal elite gets all excited about an alleged scandal only to run their bandwagon into the great brick wall of the Great British Public's reserves of common sense.

The proverbial man on the Clapham omnibus - maybe especially the man on the Clapham omnibus - knows what is at stake here. The Left might believe they can convince Joe Public that they're at risk of execution every time they step on the Number 27 - but there's no risk from terrorism! - but no one's buying. Indeed, this case is the perfect barometer of the Liberal Elite's estrangement from the public at large. The Libs are out there now, telling each other 'I've turned the Outrageomatic up to 11, and still nothing's happening'.

The public know what is at stake, and is prepared to accept that war is a rough business. That's not to say that Joe Public is prepared to accept - or indeed should accept - real incidents of incompetence or corrruption, but he sure won't fall for the drivel put about by the Left. There can no better argument for current policy than that it is so universally opposed by those who would rather Britain lost the war.

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