Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Don't None Of You Nazis Point Out What We Believe (Part I)

David over at A Tangled Web kindly posted a link to this post here. Needless to say, the Libs infecting his site were their usual, calm, measured selves. As far as a common theme can be determined from in amongst all the teenage girly screaming, it is that it's unfair to tar Liberals with the same brush, and Conservatives are all Nazis.

Coherency was never the Left's thing.

We've had a Labour government since 1997 - I think by now we've got some pretty good data on how the Left deals with paedophiles. Take the question of parole-on-demand: here we have a situtaion where even the most dangerous of predators can be released early. There's no broad brush here. We're talking about an actual, specific policy which places British children in danger. This is a policy pushed through by a Left-leaning legal establishment, with a Left-wing government that, at the least, failed to oppose it. Doubtless, there will be Leftists who will insist that they personally are opposed to parole-on-demand for paedophiles, just as others will insist that they oppose the collapse in sentances for perverts or they support notification laws, but - judging just by their actions - the mainstream of the Left goes the other way. Call me unreasonable if you want, but I think we should be allowed to judge an ideology by the laws it passes when it gets its hands on the levers of power.

That's where the supposed analogy with racist Conservatives breaks down. There may indeed be Conservatives who are secretly lusting for a racially-pure Britain, but when found out they're, at the least, ostracized by the main body of Conservatives. But look how the Left reacts when a prominent Liberal is caught making pro-paedo comments, such as Johan Hari's bizzarre idea that the Left should reach out to paedophiles. Or rather look how it doesn't.

Similarly, whatever dark thoughts some Conservatives may have, they have no discernable effect on policy. There is no suggestion from the Right that, say, those guilty of racial attacks should be let off lightly - and certainly no equivalent support to the ever-shrinking sentances for paedophilia under the influence of the Left. Again, this is simply an objective fact: Leftists support lower sentances for paedophiles. Who exactly do these guys think they're kidding ? 'I totally oppose X, that's why I support slashin sentances for it'. C'mon!

But there's something deeper going on here. Where is the Conservative 'Brass Eye', featuring Rightists yukking it up over people worrying about racist attacks ? Ditto, Conservatives can talk about the savage murder of Anthony Walker without feeling the need to inject the story of a Cop fired for asking for a 'black coffee', yet any discussion on paedophilia will provoke at least one Lefty to cite the case of the persecuted paeditrician. Folks, here's a free clue - if you've been citing the same case for four years, there probably isn't really a tidal wave of hysteria sweeping the country.

Liberals might just - when backed in a corner - be able to muster a condemnation of paedophiles, but they soon lapse into claiming that the real problem is 'mob violence'. That's a clue to their real motivation. Liberalism's motivating force is elitism, its reflex response to any situation a superior sneer. Of course their natural sympathies are with perverts. Liberals pride themselves on their contempt for the morality of the unenlightened leetle peeple. They're still entranced by nihlistic Sixties drivel about smashing the system, man. Any pervert, any terrorist, any thug is welcome, just as long as they can be conscripted into the Left's war on Western Civilisation. That these people will even flirt with those who prey on small children is the true barometer of the moral vacuum that exists at the core of modern Leftism.

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