Tuesday, August 23, 2005

War On Terror Lost

Events in Staffordshire where a collection of evil terrorists have managed to prevent a perfectly lawful business operating, show perfectly what's wrong with the modern Left. If the BNP had managed to force an Asian family out of Newchurch, you'd be deafened by the weeping, wailing and nashing of teeth, but because the Hall family doesn't appear on any list of specified PC victims, the Left don't want to know.

Hell, that's being too nice to the L3. If the Conservative Party was as close to the BNP as the terrorists are to the RSPCA and the like, we'd never hear the end of it. Left-leaning soi dissant animal rights groups have been playing footsie with scum for years, but we're supposed to believe that a Conservative only has to mention the word 'immigration' for a thousand skinheads to go on the rampage. Just how many RSPCA members have been expelled for supporting the terrorists ? Given that they won't even call these people what they are, terrorists, I'm guessing at none.

Here is one of the major differences between Left and Right. Conservatives believe the law is the law, Liberals think every act of Parliament comes with the words 'it depends...' written on the bottom. When Conservatives opposed the prosecution of Tony Martin, it was because we thought the law stank, not becuase we thought Norfolk farmers deserved special privledges. The Left meanwhile will go to absurd lengths to deal with those crimes that affect the right groups, but when the victims don't fit, suddenly there's nobody home.

When one bloke hits another bloke, that's a crime, but when one bloke states weeks in advance that he's going to hit another bloke, and still gets away with it, that's the first step to mob rule. The public is clearly, if reluctantly, behind animal experimentation (hey, maybe that's why the animal rights wackos are so teed off - they even poll behind Dr Frankenstein). The terrorists aren't trying to win anyone over, they're trying to impose their views through violence. A clearer sign of contempt for the rule of law can hardly be imagined, and the legal establishment has done all but offer to make up a few petrol bombs for the thugs.

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