Sunday, August 14, 2005

Wog Judges Begin At Calais

At least we know now how to shut the femiloons up – an epidemic of gang rapes and their watchword isn't so much 'zero tolerance', more 'zero coverage'. Life is full of difficult moral choices – this isn't one of them. But no – this is one of the great moments in multiculturalism, when our PC PCs feel obliged to act as though these people are anything more than total vermin. After all, who are we to say that gang rape is necessarily a bad thing ?

Thing is though, this is purely a parochial phenomenom. While the L3 recoil from judgementalism over the vexed question of packs of degenrate predators in the Midlands, when it comes to strangers in a strange land, the Left starts acting like a district commissionar in Victorian times. Look at the Left's rhectoric when it comes to deporting terrorists. Suddenly, the Left can't criticise the wogs enough. Apparently, Liberals are shocked that there are lands out there which don't follow European ideas about human rights for criminals. Some may say that this is because they are different countries, but the Left's not having it. Of course, the Left is perfectly happy to have foreigners making their own laws – just not ones the Left disagrees with.

It's not as if we're necessarily talking about outrageous behaviour here. The Left sees torture everywhere. Christine Aguilera ? Torture! Mishandled Koran ? Torture! Milk too warm on the cornflakes ? Torture ? Probably! Liberals draw up an insanely wide defintiion of 'inhumane treatment' then use it to prove we can't export scum anywhere. Then they claim we shouldn't have invaded Iraq because, hey, Saddam wasn't all that bad.

Consider the essential humbuggery of it all. We have, say, an Egyptian citizen who's wanted by the Egyptian government for the murder of Egyptian citizens in Egypt, but we can't deport him to Cairo because we don't think Egyptians should have the right to treat terrorists in ways we disagree with. On the other hand, Liberals believe our foreign policy should be dictated by a body where Egypt has the same number of votes as Britain. So which country is it where the pyramids sit ? Egypt, the brutal hellhole, or Egypt, the member in good standing of the UN ?

The only common thread between all the Left's positions is that they invariably choose the one that does most damage to British interests. Moral positions are picked up and discarded as and when required, but the theme remins the same. If the Left wishes to label the Right as being nasty to bombers, they should certainly be encouraged. I have the strangest feeling that the Great British Public won't judge us too harshley for being rough with terrorists.

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