Thursday, August 04, 2005

Atrocity D'Jour

It’s a regular old menagerie today: we’ve got a puppy and a horse both chomping away at the Beeb’s latest attempts to uncover the fabled Vast Islamophobic Conspiracy. They’re both right, of course. This isn’t a real scandal, this is a Liberal version of Frankenstein’s monster stitched up in the Beeb’s PC laboratory.

Of course, even the BBC must suspect that these kind of dial-a-whinge operations aren’t enough to convince the Great British Public that the real victims of July 7 are the people who share an ideology with the bombers. Hence why the BBC has a Plan B: yep, it’s the well-known atrocity story gambit. The Puppy covers some of them, but there’s a lu-lu over here.

Yes, indeed: it’s yet another heart-rending tale of Islamopaths suffering…suffering…well, you know, this:

Since 7 July she has had to endure people staring, pointing and making comments about Muslims and bombers, she says.

Well, now, let’s think about this – Islamopaths slaughter large numbers of people on July 7, try to do it again weeks later, we’ve got someone parading round London in full Islamic regalia, and the worst she has to ‘endure’ is people ‘staring, pointing and making comments’. This isn’t proof of British intolerance, this is proof of the complete opposite.

As far as actual atrocities go, our correspondent manages a grand total of one. Apparently, some crazed Infidel decided to slam her daughters hand against a rail on a bus, using a trolley while issuing blood-curdling comments about Islam. As methods of inflicting violence go, this seems kind of indirect. Still, we’re supposed to be appalled at the thought that the bus passengers didn’t immediately rise up and lynch the trolley owner ‘cause y’know, there’s no explanation other than ‘Islamophobia’ which can explain London bus passengers ignoring a victim of crime. A-huh.

But let’s leave aside the fact that you could probably kill, BBQ and eat someone in Hyde Park and the locals would pretend not to notice. What we have here is a situation where an elderly woman is struggling to get off a bus with a trolley and catches a young lass on the hand with it. It must happen about a hundred times a day. That’s probably the other reason why the passengers didn’t get involved - they were trying to guess what that stupid cow in the death cult uniform was screeching about. The public know a loony when they see one. It’s just in the Neverland of the BBC where an unlikely tale of crazed bigots inflicting skinned knuckles on the bus can be the moral equivalent someone actually blowing the bus up.

Meanwhile, the arrest of a Native Briton in connection with the violent death of a Muslim passes with nary a comment at the Beeb. Oops, no – turns out it was the other way round. That explains it.

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