Thursday, August 04, 2005


Ace could almost be talking about the BBC:

Liberals' antennae naturally only twitter when they detect certain kinds of
stories. That is, I guess, excusable, but what is not excusable is that they
soon become aware of stories they missed for the first time as they weren't
looking for that sort of story and yet continue to embargo them, knowing full
well that at least half the country is interested in that story... or would be,
were they to lower themselves to report on it.

They claim to have the mission of informing the public, but they only want to inform part of the public, and they only want to inform them of stories that seem to advance the liberal cause.

It's been said over and over, but once again, this time with feeling: There's nothing wrong with a partisan press. One could make the case that such a press is more vibrant and more engaged in the battle of ideas than our supposedly objective press. But a partisan press masquerading as an objective one is simply a lie. And a lie that is hurting the political debate.

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