Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sun Rises In West

I've slagged the Beeb off quite a bit in the last few days still, now and again, actual facts do make it through the wall of noise. Irene points to an astonishing moment of truthfullness from the Beeb in this profile of Turkey's PM:

But it is a question which continues to haunt him. Is he practising political "takiyye", the idea that a Muslim can hide his real opinion to gain a practical advantage?

Even supposedly right-wing media, such as the Telegraph, normally shy away from mentioning this little aspect of the RoP. But yes, Islamic doctrine does encourage members of the death cult to lie like rugs where it is to the advantage of the RoP. Mind you, knowing all this, how can the Beeb continue to pass on - virtually verbatim - any and all news supplied by Jihadbots, as though they were perfectly credible ?

No, don't answer that.

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