Thursday, October 14, 2004

Academics Report: 90% Certainty Sun Rises In East

Rsearchers have found a link between makin' de big lurve, and STDs.

Some will now doubt be shocked by the finding of a link between the number of times you buy a ticket and your chances of winning the raffle - I suspect cattle prods had to be used to prevent the Beeb's writers labelling the findings 'controversial'. Speaking personaly, I'm staggered that these blokes actually broke Academic Omerta and reported on the disasterous consequences of Liberal policies. Still, they can't shrug off the habts of a lifetime completely:

Professor Bellis and colleagues say society is ignoring the problem for fear of upsetting a vociferous minority.

"Perhaps a greater level of statutory, pertinent and timely sex education is now required despite the complaints of a few.

"At national level, the choice to guarantee the delivery of high quality sex education is evaded, often to avoid offence to a sensitive but vocal minority," they said.

Given that the vociferous minority are the people least likely to suffer a case of the clap, it may be helpful if the alleged professionals started asking if they could learn anything from them, instead of treating them like some kind of squalid weirdos(Anyway, I thought these people were against being judgemental - blaming a explosion in the French disease on Christains sure seems pretty judgemental).

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