Thursday, October 14, 2004

L3 Admit Defeat In Iraq

At least, I assume they do, judging by the sudden flip-flop in thei rhectoric. For about three years these people have been babbling about Iraq being a distraction from the war against Al-Quaida, how they were just bubbling over with enthusiasm to have Bin Laden's head on a spike but they didn't think this was the right way and what's more... To listen to the L3, they were all in favour of nuking Afghanistan, it was just in the case of the nation we were actually invading that they supported preemptive surrender. Well, now, suddenly things have changed.

First, the eighth dwarf, Shagger, claims that we need to fight a more sensitive war on Al-Q. Now, Claire Short - secular saint of soi dissant peace activism decides to move her light from out under that bushel:

In the interview with the English-language Gulf News, Short said she had been reading a book by a US intelligence analyst that painted a sympathetic picture of the Al-Qaeda chief.

“The author says Osama Bin Laden considers it a war, a defensive jihad, because the people in the Middle East are being crushed and destroyed and their resources, their oil, misused and they have got to defend their civilisation and their religion,” she said.

“So I think the killing of civilians is always wrong, all the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings said it was wrong, but I think the cause is just.”

Bonus points will be available for anyone who can cite a case of any L3 facecard making reference to Christian doctrines. Lest I be accussed of failing for Jew.... Zionist propaganda, I'll take Al-Q at it's word, and assume that its objectives are merely limited to conquering the whole Muslim world and imposing a Taliban-style dictatorship on it. That's what strikes Short as just.

And it gets worse:

Short saw little difference between the actions of British and US troops and terrorists, claiming allied forces had deliberately killed innocent people. “I think all of us should criticise the immoral message of targeting innocent civilians and it’s clear the coalition has done that to innocent civilians in Iraq as well,” she said.

She should ask her MP to raise it in the house. After all, if it's clear, there must be a shed-load of evidence for it, m'kay ? Otherwise, she's just propagating enemy propaganda in time of war, and I'm sure the Left won't stand for that. You know how much they support the troops.

At this point, I can but qote the Professor: these people aren't anti-war, they're just on the other side.

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