Friday, October 08, 2004

Deja Blew

Proof positive that there's no crude propaganda trick that Auntie won't swallow if it'll harm the Great Satan. Yep - the Damn Yankess have hit a wedding party. Again.

I dunno, maybe Iraq is the Las Vegas of Arabia, with thousands of couples unable to resist the romance of getting married on a battlefield ? Or maybe it's the chimneysweep thing, except with the wedding being particularly blessed if the bride meets a platoon of Islamofascists on the way ?

Personally, I think the the bimonthly exploding wedding is just the latest proof for the hypothesis that Islam screws up innovation. I mean, c'mon, another one ? Not to give aid and comfort to the enemy, but couldn't it be a fiftieth birthday, a graduation or - if they must stick to the theme - a twenty-fifth anniversary ? Here we have people who want to conquer the entire world and they can't work out that a regular supply of bombed nuptials strains the old credibility with all but the most frenzied of Kool Aid drinkers.

OTOH, who cares ? The Beeb, which won't allow Letwin to claim it's a nice day without demanding the air temperature and wind strength, keeps on reporting this garbage with nary a hint that we've kind of been here before. But don't call them biased.

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