Monday, October 11, 2004

Sauce For The Goose

Smarter folks than me have already commented on the mainstream media's weird obsession with calling terrorist scum 'militants', 'insurgents' or the like. All I'd add is that there's a certain double standard operating here. The self-same people who bend over backwards to try and prove that the British Army carelessly slaughters civilians by wanton firing, are completely unmoved by reports of car bombs killing huge numbers of Iraqi civilians. Ah yes, say the L3, we don't want to sink down to their level. But what level ? They just got through telling us that the bombers were rebels, guerillas, Robin Al-Hoods.... Sure, terrorists terrorise, but that's not what they call them.

So what are they ? Terrorists, who can be expected to kill indiscriminatly, or freedom fighters, who should not ? It's been over a year, you'd think even the Beeb would have worked this out now.

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