Thursday, October 07, 2004

Left Finds New Heroine

Remove all nearby breakable objects, then read this.

The thing is she actually has a point, albeit not the one she's making. The stupid socialist sow claims management should have noticed she was awful at her job and responded accordingly, yet when management did take the approproate action - namely firing the lazy cow - she claims the right to engage Sue, Grabbit and Runne. Could there be a connection here between awful management and employees with shysters on speed dial ?

Mind you, the L3 are all for firing certain civil servants. Quite right too - you wouldn't want those people dealing with cases like this. They'd probably screw it up totally, y'know, let a child die while they played with themselves in the office. You wouldn't want that.

Really - is there a better metaphor for modern Liberalism than these people laying in the brushwood and stakes to deal with the Vast Nazi Conspiracy while turning a blind eye to massive - dare I say institutional - incompetence. It's as if the practice nurse at Dr Shipman's surgery spent her time worrying that Norman Tebbit would break in at night and wire the examination table up to the mains.

That's the central problem with Liberalism. The tenets of post-modernism have rotted their minds to such an extent that reality only matters to them in so far as it rudely intrudes on their fantasies. So, a witch hunt aimed at imaginary Nazi social workers is priority A, but dealing with the dysfunctional nature of the average child care dept ? Yeah, whatever. Then again, that's how we got here. True, Victoria Climbie was being 'tortured' by western standards, but who are we to impose our views on Africans ? Isn't it the purest form of colonialism to insist that people in London should be bound by British concepts of right and wrong ?

That's what I mean about the skiving slag having a point. It's an asinine one, in so far as her defence is 'hey, there were plenty of other incompetent idiots there as well', but there is a deeper truth. There is absolutely no reason to assume that the obese slag was any kind of rogue element. Au contrair - had she been on a different case, she would still be there today. Victoria Climbie's misfortune was that there was no point to be made by rescuing her. Had her hosts been a church-going middle-class white couple, social services would have been camped outside at the merest hint of a bruise. But there's no, as the L3 would no doubt say, message to be sent by busting a couple of members of the ethnic underclass. Quite the opposite since, had Victoria suffered anything less serious than a brain haemorrage, the race hustlers and their fellow travellers could have been relied upon to stand foursquare behind her would-be killers.

The death of Stephen Lawrence provided the Left with a licence to indulge in all sorts of insane theorising about the sins of the Police, white males, the working class and various other L3 hate figures. Is it too much to hope that this case - at least as much a product of Liberalism as Stephen Lawrence was of the Right - may provoke some of them into just the tiniest bit of introspection ?

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