Saturday, October 02, 2004

Dhimmi D'Jour

Our old friend Lord Carey is at it again.

The term Islamic should be dropped when referring to terrorists in a bid to foster better relations between the West and Islam, Lord Carey says.

Yes, that's it. It's all down to our bad terminology. If only we called them 'terrorists of Islam', why, there'd be nary a massacre a year.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury said removing the word would "deprive a terrorist of his religious legitimacy".

...because, as we know, there's no one better equipped to rule on the religious legitimacy of Islamic terrorists than a former Archbishop of Canterbury.

It would also send a clear message to "the average Muslim" that they were not being blamed for terrorist attacks.


It's the Islamophobic backlash. Again. Doubtless the victims of Islamophobic violence are pouring into the nation's hospitals. They're probably in the same ward as the dying La-La, cruelly deprived of the chance to see his lover by the lack of Gay Marriage, and opposite the householder who tried to defend himself with a gun but got disarmed and shot with his own weapon. It'll be Ward 666 in Baron Munchhausen General.

But wait - if members of Islamic Jihad aren't Islamic terrorists, should those of us who are sceptical about the Religion of Peace really be called Islamophobes ? I mean, sauce for the goose here. What kind of message does that send ? Does it confer non-religious legitimacy ? A nation awaits an answer.

His comments come after Muslim leaders expressed concern about a growing gulf between the Islamic world and the West.

Actually, it's completely the opposite. Back in the day, westerners had only the murkiest of ideas about Islam. Now, folks round here are starting to get a clue.

Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has warned that linking international terrorism and Islam was damaging.

Well, that's the Koran for you.

There is an urgent need to stop tarnishing the Muslim world by unfair stereotypes," he told the United Nations this week.

To paraphrase St Ann, they chop heads, murder school children and fly planes into buildings, but we make unfair generalisations, so y'know, we're both as bad as each other. She was joking, but in Dhimmiland, that's how it works. Islamic terrorism is caused by people calling it Islamic terrorism. The 2002 Bali bombing was a response to Australi taking part in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Beslan was a response to the Russians invading Russia. Daniel Pearl was probably a response to his overuse of metaphor in his stories.

But don't say that the Dhimmis lack a moral compass - no matter what happens, they always end up grovelling towards Mecca.

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