Friday, October 01, 2004

Oh! That Bias

This is news ? Someone remind me, when exactly did 'journalism' become a synonym for repackaging the talking points provided by the Treason Lobby ? Completely unsubstantiated allegations ? Check. A dubious document with an unconvincing backstory ? Check. Distinctly strange explanation of why no reply is included from the victim of the smear job ? Check....und so weiter.

If you were teaching a journalism course you could use this as a textbook example of unethical journalism - this from our famous 'public service' broadcaster. But let's not get bogged in talking about the many and varied ways this article offends against basic ethics. Let's just ask if the Beeb's decision to publish verbatim large chunks of the dribblings of an Islamofascist terrorist means we will be spared the Beeb's sanctimonius ramblings about its heroic refusal to give a platform to (ie cover) anyone labelled a right-wing extremist ? Probably not.

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