Thursday, October 14, 2004

No Non-Whites Need Apply

Dipstick Louise Ellman is pushing for a National Slavery Remembrance Day. Wouldn't 'remembrance' imply that it's actually, y'know, stopped ? Of course, while slavery is still rampant most of it is carried out by members of PC victim groups, so let's gloss over that and concentrate on a PC victimhood frenzy.

Even where they do acknowledge that it's still happening, it's always as a means to a PC end:

She will also push for a campaign against the trafficking of women.

She will say the smuggling of women for sexual exploitation is a new slavery.

No, same old slavery (oops, I suppose they don't talk about the Barbary Pirates in L3 circles). Of course, Louie is cool with non-sexual slavery, particularly if it only involves blokes.

Is slavery the perfect issue for Liberalism or what ? They can indulge the determination to enlist ancient crimes to promote an asinine victimhood (and its collorary: stupid, white guilt) hand in hand with a complete lack of interest - nay, even, objectively speaking, a hostility - to dealing with actual, real, solveable evil right now.

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