Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Fair Cross-Section Of The Manhattan Community

BBC Bias ? As if, check this out, and see their commitment to cover the full spectrum of the moonbat community:

LONDON - BBC World, the BBC's global commercial service, has unveiled details of its US election coverage.

The 24-hour news and information channel will provide analysis over the next two weeks, with live election night coverage fronted by David Dimbleby.

BBC World will also broadcast a special edition of 'Question Time' featuring film-maker and author Michael Moore, columnist Richard Littlejohn and former Bill Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal.

Other discussion programmes feature guests such as Madeleine Albright, George Soros and former CIA director James Woolsey.

Yep - the Moonbat's favorite manufacturer of faux documentaries, Madam Hillary's house boy, Clinton's former Sec State, the guy who bank rolls MoveOn plus a constellation of other Loony Toons and a bureaucrat from the organisation that's waged a low-level guerilla war against the Bush administration. Oh yeah - and for balance there's a British Paleocon.

We should consider ourselves lucky they couldn't get Saddam out on bail.

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